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those, from Burpham and Jacobs Well who gave their lives in the 1914-1918 war

‘Burpham Will Remember Them’

In the early 1900s Burpham was in the Parish of Worplesdon and together with Jacob’s Well was essentially one large, scattered, community.

A short history of St Luke’s Church

In the 19th century the area we now know as Burpham was part of the parish of Worplesdon and the local people had to travel to St Mary's Church, Worplesdon to attend services.

At that time travel was not as easy as the residents were separated from their church by Whitmoor Common and the marshy valley of the River Wey, having to deal with unmade roads, winter floods and muddy footpaths and a distance of at least three miles which made it an arduous trek.

As a result of this disadvantage the Burpham parishioners made representation to the Bishop of Winchester and were granted permission to construct their own church close to the village.

The land was gifted by the Earl of Onslow together with sixty pounds towards the cost of building the church, which was £898, the remainder being raised through public subscription. The Earl of Onslow later went on to sell various plots of land for farming which began to bring more people into Burpham.

The church plans were drawn up by architect Henry Woodyear and the construction commenced in the autumn of 1858 by the builder William Swayne. The building was finished in the early spring of 1859, and the church was open for services on 24th May 1859.

From its opening in 1859 St Luke’s was a Chapel of Ease to St Mary's Worplesdon which accounts for the design of the church. In 1954 Burpham was made a parish and St Luke's was approved by the Church Commissioners as the Parish church.

The lack of amenities at St Luke’s were as a result of starting life as a Chapel of Ease and together with the expansion of the village led to a new church being built nearby.

The Church of the Holy Spirit and St Luke’s now jointly serve the needs of Burpham residents.

You can find more about Burpham Church (St Luke’s with the Church of The Holy Spirit) on the

Burpham Church Website. Link: http://www.burphamchurch.org.uk/our_two_churches.html


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