Walter Wisdom family

More information as our research continues


We are in touch with Walter’s nephew who, in December 2013 supplied the following information

Hi! I am Walter Wisdom's nephew and live in Stoughton.

I understand that his name was not originally on the Burpham war memorial because he was not killed in action. His sister-in-law (Mary, married to George Wisdom) told me that he was suffering from Spanish Flu and came home on leave but insisted on going back to France to be with his comrades, although his brothers George and Albert tried to persuade him against this. He died in hospital in France.

I understand that the family and friends of Walter Wisdom petitioned to have his name added to the war memorial and this took two years.

George and Albert Wisdom lived in Douglas Close, Jacobs Well for many years. My father (William) lived in Ash.

I was named after Walter, although I am known as Mick.

As far as I know George, Albert and William all served in the forces. Albert joined RAMC in 1911 as a regular soldier. I'm not sure about Harry, but his son Les (who lived in Bushy Hill until a few years ago) is now living in Gloucestershire.

Please let me know if I can be of any further help and I would be very interested in any other information that you might have, especially why Walter was awarded the MM.

A note of thanks and an unanswered question now answered -

Thanks Mick for the information you have supplied.

In the excerpt from a book written by Jean Shail in 2003 about the Burpham War Memorial she speculated as to why Walter's name wasn't put on the memorial with the others. You've now answered the question for us!